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The papers in this collection include some of those delivered in the course of the Thirtieth Anniversary year of the Department of Jewish Studies at McGill University. There was a series of lectures culminating in a two-day conference on May 9-10, 1999. All of the speakers were asked to address the same topic as it applied to their particular field. What is happening in their area that is new, interesting and important? What is the nature of the "cutting edge" in their field of interest?

One of our goals in organizing this series of events was to create a forum in which the academy could report to the community; to foster communication and dialogue between scholars and members of the community at large. By community at large I mean scholars in other fields as well as non-academics. It is vitally important that such lines of cummunication be kept open so that the academy does not fall into a kind of elite esotericism and removal from the interests of society on the one hand, and so that the fruits of our research and scholarship can be shared and can have an impact on the contemporary collective understanding of history and culture on the other hand.

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