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Reading Jewish Women's Writings
By Esther Frank, Dept. of Jewish Studies, McGill University
The proliferation of writings by Jewish women in America, the expansion of scholarship herald a new moment in the study of Jewish writing.

Hebrew Literature in the Post-Imperial Age: The Future of Jewish Identity at the Millennium
By David Aberbach, Dept. of Jewish Studies, McGill University
My talk has two parts: first, things that are new in Hebrew literature in comparison with the recent past; second, the cutting edge of Hebrew literature in a global perspective - the biblical prophets.

North American Jewish Studies
By Deborah Dash Moore, Vassar College
Although pessimism does not come naturally to me, I have sustained high levels of frustration for close to two decades as Jewish studies has grown and flourished in the United States. My frustration stems from the pace and direction of that growth, specifically the almost total lack of opportunities despite strong student interest to teach the history of Jews in the U.S. (or what we provincially call American Jewish history, resolutely ignoring both Canada and the rest of the Americas).


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