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Ancient Jews, Ancient Gentiles, and Modern Scholars: Current Issues in the Study of Early Judaism
By Robert Goldenberg, State University of New York at Stony Brook
To understand any moment in Jewish history we must trace its roots in earlier Jewish history, but we must also examine its setting in a specific non-Jewish environment.

Recent Developments in Jewish Thought: the Field of Midrash
By Ira Robinson, Concordia University
This paper will review recent trends in academic research of Midrash, the major exegetical enterprise of ancient and early medieval rabbinic Judaism. Primarily examining the current state of scholarship on this major area of Jewish thought in Late Antiquity, it will emphasis the development of contemporary scholarly viewpoints on ancient rabbinic thought as a whole, and will include both "halakhic" and "aggadic" midrashim in its purview. It will deal with issues of changes in academic methodologies and epistemologies and their influence on the state of scholarship. It will also examine the implications of these new trends in scholarship in ancient Jewish thought for the study of Jewish thought as a whole.


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