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Down with History, Up with Reading: The Current State of Biblical Studies
By Gary A. Rendsburg, Cornell University
The simplest way for me to illustrate the title of my talk "Down with History, Up with Reading" is to present the state of biblical studies then, meaning thirty years ago when the McGill Jewish Studies Program was founded, and the state of the field today. In a word, biblical studies has gone from consensus to crisis.

The Text of Rashi's Torah Commentary
By Deborah Abecassis, Dept. of Jewish Studies, McGill University
Rashi's Torah Commentary is textually problematic. A recent edition of the work, Rashi HaShalem, includes four printed editions in its ublication, declaring its inability, and ours, to rely on just one version.

Jewish Bible Interpretation Since the Holocaust
By B. Barry Levy, Faculty of Religious Studies, McGill University
This presentation will examine the distinctive qualities of post-Holocaust Jewish bible teaching, study, and research in the context of modern and post-modern hermeneutical theory and in relation to the legacy of classical Bible interpretations.


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